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Advantages Of Applying Membrane Structure To Stadiums And Arenas


With the rapid development of social economy, more and more large-scale stadiums and arenas to use the membrane structure of materials, today membrane structure company Sigma to everyone: the advantages of the application of the membrane structure of stadiums where?

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The architectural design of the membrane structure is beautiful, and its rich curved surface gives the architect the greatest imagination and creation space, which can satisfy the diverse needs of the stadium culture. Football as a world sports activities, according to the culture of each region, there will be a little change in football culture, a local cultural style of the membrane structure of the football venues are recognized by all parties.

The membrane structure can cover large span space. Traditional reinforced concrete buildings, generally need to support the column (wall), a large arena to accommodate tens of thousands of people, the need for a lot of pillars, which would like to watch the game fans will be very annoying things, seriously affect the viewing experience. The membrane structure due to the light weight of the membrane material, coupled with the use of high-strength materials such as cables, steel structures, can form an open column-free large-span structure system. In the membrane structure stadium, no matter which seat you are seated in, you can see the whole arena in full, and traditional architecture cannot do that.

The membrane structure has the fire resistance and the earthquake resistance. Membrane structure In addition to good environmental protection, light transmittance, self-cleaning, but also has excellent flame retardancy and high temperature resistance. These properties are required for stadiums that are large human gathering points.

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