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How To Do Well The Prevention Of Stagnant Water In Membrane Structure Building


All the membrane structure of the building is a virgin in the open air environment, and the outside weather changes, maybe when the wind and rain will come, if the quality of the membrane structure or outside influence too big, it will be a certain harm. Usually in the use of membrane structure, it is possible to encounter the situation of water on its surface, then what measures should be taken?

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First, the water should be cleaned out in time. The plasticity of membrane structure itself is better, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to deform under the action of external force, and the parts that are accumulated by rainwater are also vulnerable to damage. In addition, sometimes the rain and snow weather may persist for several days, if wait until the rain and snow stop to solve is late. Therefore, when the membrane surface has water, the first thing to do is to discharge it, in order to avoid it will damage the membrane surface.

To do a good job of protection measures. The general surface of the production of water is the structure itself has a problem, may be in the design of the time did not do well drainage work, may also be the weather is too bad, more than the film surface itself to withstand the scope, and in order to prevent the new water attached to the above, staff should also take timely response measures. In addition, after inclement weather, the staff should also take further protective measures, if necessary, timely repair.

Usually should do a good job in cleaning the membrane structure. In the normal use of the process, the membrane may accumulate some dust, leaves or other debris, and these things in the rainy days will hinder the discharge of water to a certain extent, so we should do a good job cleaning, to avoid blockage of drainage channels.

The drainage system should be designed in the process of construction. As already mentioned, the membrane area of water may be due to the quality of the project itself, so in the initial construction should be put an end to this hidden danger, to ensure its initial eligibility.

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