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Membrane Structure Building Drainage System


Whether it is the traditional building or the new representative membrane structure construction, how to solve the drainage? This is the customer's concern, today Sigma take you to understand the membrane structure of the drainage system.

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The design of membrane structure engineering should rationally determine the drainage slope and discharge position according to the use characteristics and the general plane requirements of the building, ensure the smooth drainage of the membrane surface, and should adopt the large surface slope and the necessary snow-proof measures in the areas with large snow load.

Membrane construction drainage Design can still use the non-organized drainage or organized drainage method. Due to the peculiar shape of the membrane building, the free surface should take into consideration the reasonable way of modelling and drainage. Membrane drainage gradient requirements than the general building, to avoid the membrane under the action of the rain large deformation, resulting in the membrane surface water, the pocket. The membrane area water has the Matthew effect characteristic, the waterlogging will cause the local sag deformation, the concave deformation in turn intensifies the stagnant water phenomenon.

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