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Sigma For You To Analyze The Corrosion Resistance Of The Tensile Membrane Structure


1, the tensile membrane structure is exposed to the air, so as long as the environment is slightly damp, then the tensile membrane structure will certainly be subjected to a certain corrosive.

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2, now the tensile membrane structure of the use of more and more buildings, small to the membrane structure of the carport large to the airport terminal, so architects and designers on this aspect of the consideration is also more and more deeply.

3, to ensure that the tensile membrane structure corrosion resistance, the first is the process of painting after the total, pay attention to the surrounding construction conditions, to ensure that the construction of menstruation within the standard scale.

4, then the coating can choose heavy-duty anticorrosive coating to maintain the tensile membrane structure, this method is feasible, it can not only ensure the integrity of the entire tensile membrane structure, but also show the tensile membrane of the artistic force, can ensure the tensile membrane structure for up to 15 years of life;

5, if the use of heavy-duty coating and metal thermal spraying two-layer maintenance, tensile membrane structure of the life span can reach more than 25 years. In general, as far as possible to choose the tensile membrane structure of non-combustible film, permanent construction can consider the flame-retardant data, but according to the local fire department requirements to design the corresponding fire protection methods. The construction of a tensile membrane structure should also take into account the maintenance of the environment.

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