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Sigma For You To Analyze The Fire Resistance Of The Tensile Membrane Structure


Tensile membrane structure is a very new style of construction in recent years, it attracts a lot of consumers by the common appearance, and also occupies a very important position in the urban planning of our country. Membrane material itself has many characteristics, light weight, large span, fire prevention and protection, corrosion resistance and so on. Next we will look at the tensile membrane structure of the fire resistance and tensile membrane structure corrosion resistance.

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1, the membrane material is the flame retardant data polyester fiber, and the coating PVC polyester fiber membrane material to pass the fire resistance test, namely after removing the heat source, the membrane material can quickly self-subside.

2, the tensile membrane structure of the whole temperature reached 70 degrees when the film will appear creep.

3. When reaching 100 degrees, the welded seam between the tensile membrane structure strips will be split.

4, when the temperature reaches 250 degrees, the membrane will be melted away.

5, but if only the local open flame, then the film on the fire Will self-extinguish, because the PVC coating is attached with the flame splash additive, there are some membrane materials used is the glass avantgarde, this is a non-combustible data.

6, even if the temperature reached 100 degrees, the membrane structure will not fire. The glass fiber is coated with PTFE structure, and the weld temperature of the film reaches 250 degrees to be damaged.


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