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Steel Structure Building


Steel structure building is a new form of building structure, extensively applied to workshop, warehouse, shop, office building, stadiums and so on. As the main load-bearing member of steel structure building construction, the steel structure is suitable for single-story, large-span buildings as well as multi-story or high-rise buildings. According to specific usage, there are multiple types of steel structure buildings, such as steel structure workshop, steel structure warehouse, steel structure shed and steel structure shop. The design of steel structure building is usually customized according to customers requirements, such as the building dimensions, seismic rating and wind resistance.


Multiple Types Of Steel Structure Buildings For Sale

Steel buildings can be built into a variety of sizes and styles for your practical usage. There are several options available for different applications.

Steel structure workshop building is a cost-efficient choice to build your own workshop. Compared with traditional building structure, the steel structure workshop can increase utilization of the area. Besides, the steel structure of building can realize a high utilization as it can be recycled for reuse. Thus it also exerts little hazardous impact to the environment.

When considering building a warehouse for industrial or non-industrial uses, the steel structure warehouse is a popular choice for most customers thanks to its reasonable cost, high strength and long service life. The structural steel warehouse can be found many uses in plant, commercial construction and civil usage.

Steel structure shed can be used for many projects, from commercial usage like car shed, agricultural usage like storage shed to industrial sector such as machine shop. The steel shed has flexible structure and can be installed easily and quickly.


Unique Features

1.A basic understanding of steel building advantages and disadvantages can help you make the smartest choice. Basically, there are plenty of benefits for employing such building form.

Wide application. It is applicable to many industries and non-industries, such as manufacturing, agriculture and civil usage.

2.Simple construction process. All the structure parts are prefabricated in the factory, and then installed at construction site. As a result, it will greatly shorten the construction period and save costs for building owners.

3.Long service life. The steel building is safe and reliable, and it can withstand severe environments such as fire, strong winds and heavy rain. Besides, it requires minimal maintenance.

4.Delicate appearance. The steel building design is with a modern sense. The wall panels are available in multiple colors and the building structure is with high flexibility.

5.Reasonable cost. This building form has light weight and shot construction period, thus it can be put into operation very soon. Its comprehensive economic benefits are better than concrete structure building.

6.Environmental friendly. The steel structure can be recycled, and it will cause less environmental pollution when being built or removed.

7.High strength and reliability. The steel structure of the building has strong load-bearing capacity, excellent seismic resistance and wind resistance.

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