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The applications of tensile membrane structure



Tension structures or tensile structures, are architecturally innovative forms of construction art that provides designers and end users a variety of aesthetic free-form canopy designs utilizing membranes such as PTFE-coated fiberglass or PVC. Tensile fabric structures offer a variety of functional benefits including exceptional daylighting and durability, flexible design capabilities, lightweight nature, minimal maintenance, cost efficiencies, and a range of membrane choices.


Design-build tensioned fabric structures are engineered and fabricated to meet worldwide structural, flame retardant, weather proofing and regional load requirements. The Tension Structures division of Eide Industries, Inc. provides elegant and unique solutions for architects, general contractors, owners/developers and anyone who is looking to spice up the ambiance of their environment.


Entertainment & Retail

When it pertains to entertainment venues or retail spaces, tensile fabric structures are model candidates for providing generous natural daylight and signature aesthetics for concert goers or shopping patrons. The lightweight nature of fabric membranes allows for efficiently spanning long distances while providing unobstructed sight lines. This is an important feature for performances at amphitheaters, stage canopies, and entries to retail stores or food courts.


Tension Structures, a division of Eide Industries, Inc., provides expertise in design-build services helping architects and owners develop their tensile project ideas, construct iconic structures and ultimately create a compelling and exciting atmosphere for music fans and retail consumers. Whether it’s a permanent durable PTFE membrane canopy or deployable flexible PVC fabric structure, Tension Structures by Eide will help discover new solutions to conventional design challenges.


Sports, Parks & Recreation

Whether you’re a spectator watching a sporting event or kids playing around at a playground, tension fabric structures are effective solutions for shade protection from harmful UV rays or shelter from the elements. While new trees may take decades to provide adequate shade, a tension fabric structure can perform immediately and eliminate years of uncomfortable sun exposure.


Tension Structures, a division of Eide Industries, Inc., provides design-build tensile architecture expertise for such project applications as grandstand canopies for sporting venues, shade canopies over picnic and park areas, and recreational pool sides. Not only visually appealing with excellent durability and daylighting but also environmentally sensitive, tensile membrane structures help architects and owners enhance their athletic and park complexes offering reduced construction costs with minimal maintenance compared to traditional building materials.

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