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Air Dome Around the World


As a company that sees its Air-Supported structures used widely in the world of sports, it never ceases to amaze us the places our domes are installed. 


Can these domes really be placed anywhere in the world?

Anywhere there is a need for an indoor facility, air-supported structures are the perfect fit. All of our structures are designed just like a traditional structure, and meet all International Building Codes. If your facility is going to be placed in an environment where the elements can be extreme, our in-house engineering staff designs the buildings to beat the elements. Our domes withstand wind, snow and heat the same as a traditional structure.


How Does Our Air-Supported Structure Beat The Elements?

Another key component that allows us to install these types of structures across the globe is our advanced climate control system. Johnson Air-Rotation, Arizon Building Systems sister company, provides the advanced Air-Rotation system that circulates air evenly throughout the space not only keeping the dome inflated and supported, but conditions the space within. This allows us to melt away any snow that might build up during a bad winter storm, or keep the dome rigged when a large gust of wind comes rolling through. All of this while providing our customers a comfortable well-conditioned indoor facility.


How Long Does A Dome Facility Last?

With all this talk of extreme weather you might think that these domes are primarily a temporary facility, or that they don’t last more than a few years. With advancements in architectural fabric by name brand companies, and advancements by us in climate control systems, all of our buildings have a 30+ year design life.


Are Domes Only For Indoor Sports?

No, certainly not, our facilities are built for hundreds of applications. Customers have used domes for:

1.Event Centers

2.Expo Centers

3.Construction Sites



6.Warehousing/Product Storage


There are still plenty of applications for air-supported structures that we haven’t even discovered yet. No matter if you have decided to build the next indoor facility in the desert heat, or in the frigid north, SIGMA GROUPS are the perfect solution to move your facility indoors.

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