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Available services of tension structure



Many of the tension structures that you see on our web site were designed by Sigma Group, Inc. We are excited to hear your ideas, desires and needs. We can then turn your ideas, sketches or thoughts into a visual concept that will fuse beauty with functionality. Whether you want us to collaborate with third party artists, designers and architects, or simply work directly with you, Sigma Group can accommodate your needs.



Every custom tension structure must go through engineering certification. Not only will permitting authorities require certified engineered drawings, but also the analysis is necessary to determine optimum member sizes for the steel and membrane. Whether your tension structure has been designed by Sigma or a third party, we will be happy to offer our services to ensure that your tension structure is efficient, safe and certified.



Sigma Group is a proud manufacturer of all of our tension structures. Our capabilities include shop drawings, steel welding, aluminum welding, fabric patterning, fabric sewing, custom tailoring and PVC or PFTE heat sealing. Sigma Group will manufacture tension structures directly for the end client or partner with awning companies, architects or design firms to meet anyone’s needs.



Sigma Group employs an elite team of tension structure installers and supervisors. Our team is capable of installing large tension structures with the use of conventional cranes or hydro cranes, fork lifts or scissor lifts, boomers or zoomers. We can safely and quickly erect your tension structure. Our tireless staff will work graveyard shifts and overtime to meet your critical timelines and accommodate your business hours

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