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The Cutting Of The Fabric Membrane Structure


There is an error in the process of cutting and splicing the membrane structure. This is because there must be an error when the plane surface is used to form a spatial curved surface. Secondly, the membrane cloth is an anisotropic nonlinear material. When the shape of the space with various curvatures changes, it will inevitably differ from the original design shape. To date, a number of approaches have been established to address this issue. It is difficult to evaluate which method has a high accuracy, but there are still several criteria that can be used to judge whether these cropping methods are practical.

Membrane structure company, the following factors should be considered when arranging the cutting seam of the membrane structure surface:

1.Surface curvature

The previous cutting methods could not give the curvature at any point on the surface. Because this software uses a curved membrane element, the curvature of each element can be obtained. If the curvature of adjacent elements is very different, it means that the surface is very distorted at this position. If the cutting seam is restarted without cutting off, the boundary of the cutting membrane block will have a large arc here. From the change trend of the curvature of adjacent units, the approximate trend of the geodesic can be determined.

2.The width of membrane material

 When the plane mesh is divided during the form-finding analysis, the width of the membrane material must be considered. Try to make the membrane unit contained in a membrane cloth as complete as possible, otherwise the position of the boundary point of the membrane block must be determined by interpolation calculation.

3.The direction of the border

 If the boundary is relatively straight, consider using the long side of a membrane block as the boundary. Otherwise, only the short sides of multiple membrane blocks can be used to stitch this boundary.


Because the membrane is transparent, the weld can be clearly seen in the actual structure, so the layout of the cutting seam must be regular and reasonable, and it is best to form some beautiful patterns to increase the beauty of the structure. If a pressure or spinal cord is provided on the surface of the membrane, it is best to make the cutting seam coincide with the pressure or spinal cord so that the cord does not disturb the pattern of the weld.

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