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ETFE Film | Tensile Membrane Structure Materials


ETFE, or Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, is an exciting addition to the selection of membrane materials Sigma Structures offers. It is a highly transparent extruded film applied either as a single layer membrane or as a multilayer pneumatically inflated cushion. The material has good UV stability, as well as chemical and heat resistance. At just 1% the weight of glass the material is revolutionizing the construction industy-allowing us to create structures previously unimaginable.

Single Layered ETFE Structures (mechanically pre-stressed)

ETFE can be applied as a single layered membrane and tensioned with either wire cables, lightweight steel or aluminum to maintain shape and stability.

Multilayered ETFE Structures (pneumatically pre-stressed)

In two or more layers, a pneumatic cushion is created that is then attached using aluminum extrusions and supported by a lightweight structure. These cushions are filled with low-pressure air, providing thermal insulation and structural stability against wind or snow loads. If needed, small cables can be used for additional tensioning and support. Under typical loading conditions, ETFE cushions can range from 5 to 15 feet wide and reach up to 200 feet in length.

Key Benefits of ETFE Film:

1.Light transmission up to 95 %

2.Available in clear, matte, opaque white, and some limited colors

3.Light-weight material (esp. compared to PC, PMMA , Glass)


5.Superior tear strength

6.100% recyclable

7.Absorbs noise

8.Long life of more than 30 years

9.Long-term weatherabilty

10.Self-cleaning because of very good anti-adhesive surface properties

11.Printable (e.g. sun protection) with a wide variety of frits to reduce heat gain

12.High permeability to light in the visual and UV wave range

13.Great chemical resistance to acids and alkali

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