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Maintaining Tennis Court Surfaces


The services required for maintaining tennis court surfaces in is very specific and therefore the upkeep procedures that are put in place will depend entirely on the type of existing surface. One thing that applies to all types of surface is the importance of keeping them clean. By regularly clearing the area of dirt, mud and other debris it's possible to prevent the surfacing from becoming contaminated which may lead to the growth of moss, weeds and algae. If this does happens it is likely that your artificial grass surface will become impermeable in areas where it is normally porous meaning that areas of your facility can puddle, flood and waterlog.


What is Tennis Court Maintenance?

Tennis court maintenance is the process of caring for your facility and its surrounding areas to ensure it stays in the best possible condition all year round. We carry out preservation services such as cleaning and painting to keep you facility safe to use and to maintain the original playing properties of the court. If you do not regularly maintain your facility, the ground could become slippery and unsafe for players. Tennis facility maintenance is vital if you want to lengthen the lifespan of your nearby facility. For more information on maintaining sports surfaces, please fill in our enquiry form.


Tennis Court Upkeep

Porous macadam surfaces often require the least upkeep as they contain no infill however in order to fully maintain the surface it must be regularly painted with the anti slip properties required for tennis. Polymeric rubber surfaces are also relatively easy to maintain and often involve sweeping the flooring regularly. Leaves, flowers, pine needles may look harmless but if left can rot down and settle into the open textured pores of the system in turn becoming a breeding ground for moss, weeds and algae. If these issues develop over time it may need to the surface needing a tennis flooring renovation to restore the playing qualities. Both polymeric and macadam sports surfaces can benefit from an annual repaint and power wash to ensure that there is no unwanted debris within the pores of the system.


How to Maintain Sport Courts Near Me

If you are interested to find out how to maintain sport courts closest to you, our contractors complete the following steps:

1.Clean the surfacing to remove any dirt and debris on the ground

2.Treat the flooring with a specialist weed killer

3.Repair cracks where necessary

4.Coat the ground with polyurethane binder to strengthen the flooring

5.Paint the surfacing every 3-5 years

6.Apply line markings after the facility has been painted

We can carry out an annual maintenance plan, where we will complete all the services to keep your facility in the best possible condition. We have worked with a number of schools, colleges, sports clubs and home owners across the United Kingdom to maintain their sport facilities. Our specialists only use the highest standards of equipment and tools.

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