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Sigma Air-supported structures


Sigma Group presents the new generation of air-supported structures. They are known for their innovative membrane systems and technological solutions, which ensure lower operational costs than competitors' products on the market.

Why choose an air-supported structure?

Because of the work with have done in developing membrane systems, air supported structures are more cost efficient than traditional buildings.

We are distinguished by:

1.Technical perfection

2.Using the best quality materials

3.Unique designs

4.Short delivery times


The Use of Air-supported structure

Air supported structures are an excellent solution for covering professional and recreational sports fields, which can be implemented in all weather conditions. Air supported structures are suitable for covering:

1.Sports surfaces

2.Industrial and manufacturing plants

3.Storage activities

4.Farming purposes

5.Other purposes


Advantages of our air-supported structures:


2.Energy efficient

3.DBS Smart dome intelligent system

4.Fast installation

5.Custom and unique designs

6.Long life expectancy

7.Easy relocation

8.Complete support during purchase, installation and after sales.

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