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Tensile Membrane Structure Roofings



Tensile Membrane Structures can be used in many areas and application. All fabrics are architectural grade and fire retardant. Tensile fabric do not support combustion or produce flaming droplets.It can be used whenever and wherever with its easy and fast installations.

Tensile membrane structure applications are limitless.


※It can be used as a facility for government, hospitality, schools and universities, industrial, sporting events, arenas, walkways, restaurants, gardens, residential, retail outlets and many more!

※More convenient and economical to use that is why most building owners decide to go for tensile structures.

※The lightweight structure also easy to mix with old or new architecture.

Fabric Features:

※Bioclimatic facade

※Structured surfaces

※Flame retardant

※High temperature resistance

※Lightweight Architecture

※Acoustic solutions

※Watertight breathable membranes

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