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How Sigma Steel Buildings Prevent Fires


How Sigma Steel Buildings Prevent Fires

You’ve probably heard people say that an ounce of prevention is worth pounds of cure. Naturally, the best way to reduce the risk of structural fires is to begin with fire-resistant buildings. Sigma steel buildings begin with a very heat- and fire-resistant material.

For example:

While steel can melt at extremely high temperatures of around 2500°F, the ignition point of fire is only a few hundred degrees, depending upon the type of wood and duration of exposure. In general, steel won't begin to weaken until it’s exposed to temperatures of at least 1500° F.

Since metal also acts as a great thermal conductor, it tends to spread heat from a hotter to a cooler part. In other words, metal won’t feed or start a fire, but wood is a common source of both a fire’s fuel and ignition.

Typical devastating fires start because wood framing catches fire after its ignited because of an electrical problem or the building contents have first ignited. That’s why the International Building Code considers steel a noncombustible material and fire a combustible one.

Save Money With Fire-Resistant Buildings

Many insurance companies recognize the fire-resistant nature of high-quality, Sigma steel buildings by offering discounts. You may also have a chance to take advantage of even deeper discounts by taking other safety measures and choosing the most fire-retardant kinds of steel buildings. With steel, you also don’t need to worry about mold, rot, termites, and plenty of other hazards that threaten wood-framed buildings.

Enjoy the Benefits of Steel Buildings for Your Next Project

Just some advantages of Sigma steel buildings include cost-efficiency, durability, and attractiveness. Years later, you will also appreciate how easy your structure is to maintain. Call or email us today to tell us about your next building project, and we’ll explain how we can help.


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